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NC - Home Visit Appointment

$90 (we come to you)

+ $40

(Non-Participating Lab Draw Fee)

Have your blood drawn by a professional phlebotomist in the comfort and safety of your home. ​​​The phlebotomist will travel to your designated address for the blood draw. This fee covers the phlebotomist's time, gas and mileage. 

​*Contact your doctor for a requisition form

Mecklenburg, Union, Cabarrus, Stanly, York County (South Carolina)

Draw Fee

(non participating labs)

$40 per lab


​​Every time a specimen is collected it has to be processed and prepared for testing. 


Certain labs have requirements such as freezing the sample or separating the plasma and serum etc. 


  • Specimens are labeled, with your name, date of birth and the date of service

  • Specimens are centrifuged​

  • Specimens are packaged along with the requisition form, documents and shipped overnight to the specified laboratory

  • The laboratory tests your blood work and sends the results to your doctor

Special Processing

$120 Vibrant America Dry Ice

$250 ProgeneDX Dry Ice

More and more laboratories are expanding their testing for more accurate and boarder result which requires the use of dry ice for shipping purposes. Your doctor will let you know if the blood work that they requested will require the use of dry ice.


We order dry ice to be delivered on the day of your appointment. The blood work is collected, processed, packaged and shipped with the dry ice and in special packaging.

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