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About us.

YanaPhleb is family oriented and we believe that you should have move free time to spend with your loved ones. So instead of driving to the lab and spending hours waiting for help, you can have your blood drawn by a certified phlebotomist in the comfort of your own home. Most visits will take 5-10 minutes.

Yanaphleb provides phlebotomy services to patients, doctors, laboratories, private practices and medical offices.

Our phlebotomist will draw, process, package and ship the collected specimens (overnight) to the specialized laboratories for testing.

Happy Family

Our process.

The majority of the prep work is done before the phlebotomist arrives at the destination which means that your blood draw appointment should only take 5-15 mins. Once the blood specimens are collected, the phlebotomist follows the laboratory’s instructions meticulously. Although the instructions may vary depending on the laboratory, our attention to detail is always consistent. Our phlebotomist will draw, process, package and ship the collected specimens (overnight) to the specialized laboratories for testing. The laboratory then sends the results directly to your doctor.  Our phlebotomy services are currently available in New Jersey.

***YanaPhleb does not receive the results so please contact your doctor for that information.

Laboratory payments.

The laboratory may ask that you pay for certain tests. Your credit card information may need to be entered on the form your doctor gives you. The form is sent directly to the laboratory with the blood specimens. The laboratory will charge your credit card or deposit your check. For receipts/invoices/statements, contact the laboratory. If you have any questions or need any information regarding a bill, test results, or insurance please call the laboratory for that information.

***YanaPhleb does not process laboratory charges. We only charge what is due for our services, collection, processing, packaging and shipping of the blood specimens.

Doctor's office appointment.

Please call us to set up a recurring or a one time Office Appointment.


Doctors can schedule a phlebotomist to come to their office to collected specimens for their clients. Since everything is prepared before our phlebotomist arrives at the office it usually takes 5-10 minutes to collect the specimen. Therefore, patients can be scheduled 10-15 mins apart. We also offer recurring phlebotomist appointments so that time can be blocked off on the schedule and other appointments are not booked during that time. We ask that there are at least 6 patients scheduled for a blood draw. If there are less than 6 patients the office will be invoiced $50 for our phlebotomist to travel.

Required Documents.

The phlebotomist will need to collect the following documents at the time of your appointment    

  • Copy of your driver's license  

  • Copy of your insurance card (check with your doctor to see if the blood work is covered by your insurance carrier)   

  • Filled out forms to be sent to the laboratory, including requisition forms and any payment information

Cancellation Policy.

The preparation work and the traveling that we do for each client is time intensive and in an effort to not waste time we would appreciate that you give us at least a 24 hours notice If you want to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

$100 cancellation fee will apply if notice is not given within 24 hours.

No pets during the appointment.

We love animals but in an effort to stay safe, keep a sterile environment and to protect the integrity of your specimens we ask that all pets are put away at the time of the appointment. This ensures the validity of your test results and the comfort level of our phlebotomist.

If pets are present at the time of your appointment you will incur a $100 non compliance fee. If your specimens are in any way compromised due to a pet we will not be able to ship the specimens to the laboratory.

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