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3 Hour Window

1 Hour Window

*You may also be responsible for a draw fee, when applicable.

Any lab can be drawn. Please ask you doctor to provide you with a requisition form to the desired lab. Below are Labs that YanaPhleb is currently working with. 

Accu Reference Medical Labs.png
Access Lab.png
Bonston Heart Diagnostics.png
Cell Science Systems.png
Cyrex Laboratories.jfif
ElisaACT Biotechnologies.png
Empire City Laboratories.jfif
Galaxy Diagnostics.png
Yanaphleb Invitae Laboratory.png
Quest Diagnostics.png
TLab Inc Yanaphleb.png
Genova Diagnostics.png
KBMO Diagnostics.png
Oxford Biomedical Technologies.jfif
RedLab yanaphleb.png
True Health Diagnostics.png
YanaPhleb - QLS.png
Salveo Diagnostics.png
Infectolab yanaphleb.png
Moleculera Labs.png
SpectraCell Lab.png

Any other lab can also be drawn, all we need is a requisition form from your doctor.

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