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The most convenient and accurate blood collection.

YanaPhleb is an independent phlebotomy company. We work with doctors, patients, medical facilities and specialized laboratories to provide a convenient and expeditious specimen collection service.

Your time is valuable! Spend it doing the things you enjoy with the people you love. YanaPhleb will make sure your blood work is done correctly by a certified phlebotomist. We schedule your appointment, collect, process, package and ship your specimen to the designated laboratory.

We offer services in New Jersey, and North Carolina

Science Lab

Get your blood tested.

Are you tired all the time? 

Does your body hurt for no reason

Is there no sex drive?


Do you want to know why? 

After your blood work is complete, the results will be sent directly to your doctor. With this information your doctor will have the ability to accurately diagnose the underlying deficiencies and prescribe treatment that fits your body. 


Blood work literally gives your doctor diagnostic super powers.

Get started.

Ask your doctor for a blood work requisition form (one for each laboratory).

Choose between a home visit appointment or draw station appointment

Fill out and submit the form for a home visit or use our calendar to schedule a draw station appointment

You will be contacted to schedule an appointment within 24 business hours to finalize your home visit appointment



The phlebotomist was right on time, friendly, prepared and very professional. 


A pleasant experience, which is not something I would normally say for a blood work visit. The team on the phone was helpful to schedule, make  changes and help prepare everything for the visit.


The phlebotomist was friendly professional and caring. The at home draw was extremely helpful.

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